Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heather's Cake

Today is my sister Heather's birthday!! So, I have volunteered to do her birthday cake. I have volunteered to do everyone in my families cakes that are close! That way I can get lots of practice in before I start charging. I actually just lucked out and my friend just got engaged so i am doing her cake!! I'm really excited but now pretty much all the cakes from now until then are going to have some characteristics of her cake! So I can practice!Eyan's birthday cake might look like a wedding cake!! :) Anyways,
Heather wanted a black and pink cake. ( I wanted just black and white because she is the dreaded 30!!!) :) So, we compromised, because pink and black are cute too, plus, I still got my black! :) So, here are the beginning stages of her cake. It is just a single tier cake. I tried to do the topsy turvy design but it's harder than it looks. So, the cake isn't super even. But, I'm hoping the frosting will make up for it.The second picture is the parts for the bow.


  1. I never knew this about you and wow you are amazing at them i would love to have you do a cake for me when I have a reason to celabrate

  2. Way to dive in to all of this! Alan lived with a family who had a cake decorating business...he suggested getting a whole bunch of cardboard to practice on...then all you've spent money on is frosting stuff...anyway...that's what she did to start...good luke with your new venture:)
    I think this cake looks like a top-hat:) fun... :)