Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monkey Cake

This monkey cake was fun and simple. I love doing cakes that are made for a formed pan. It tells you how to do everything right there in the instructions! It's great! This cake wasn't anything grand my son wanted a confetti cake and so he got it. Plus, I was super lazy and used store bought icing... ( don't tell ) :)

Race Car Cupcakes

These were the cutest little cupcakes and they were super easy and quick to make. I love cupcakes. I think they are just so cute and little! The road and grass were made of icing and the cars are fondant.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blue and Gold Cake

This week was the birthday party for the Relief Society and they asked me to make the cake for it! I was so excited to make a cake for everyone to try out!! This cake was 3 tiered round with flourishes, bows, strips and flowers.

Tier #1 was White almond sour cream cake with chocolate ganache
Tier #2 was Chocolate cake with Strawberry Cream filling
Tier #3 was Lemon cake with raspberry filling.

Everything was yummy and everyone enjoyed it very much!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Twin Baby bum cake

This baby shower cake was so fun and cute! The little babies bums were so little! I just loved it!
The cake was white almond sour cream cake and the fillings were raspberry and white chocolate ganache. YUM!! With Vanilla icing and MM fondant.

Baby bums were made out of cake and fondant. Decorative strips up the sides with riddon fondant around the bottom. Polka dots on cake and board and a fondant bow! Fondant decorated board also!