Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vintage Wedding Cake

This is my number 1 cake. I am so in love with it. I had a very hard time leaving it at the reception!! It was a total of five tiers. Eggplant, green, and white. Bottom tier was pumpkin w/ cream cheese filling. The other 2 tiers were chocolate cake w/ cheesecake mousse.The two half tiers were Styrofoam. And the middle tier is a 6 inch high tier.

Lanscaping Cake

This was for a clients wives surprise birthday cake! She is a Landscape Architect and he really wanted to incorporate what she loved to do! Plus, they have a sweet little doggie named Lucy that they wanted on the cake was well! I had a lot of fun with this cake! I LOVED the water fall down the back of the cake. The top tier was White Almond Poppy Seed cake and the bottom tier was pumpkin with cream cheese filling. Yum!