Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finished Product!

Ok, it's 11 and I am extremely tired but I needed to post pictures up of the cake that I am most proud of thus far!! The black fondant gave me a HUGE fight. I rolled it out the first time and it just cracked and fell apart all over the cake. So, I throw that away and had to color a whole new ball totally black. I think that once I got to much coloring in it, it just wouldn't hold together. It would just crumble! So, the bottom of the cake was pretty ghetto! BUT I didn't take any pictures of that:) Once I felt like I could repair the horrible spots, I got really excited!!

Heather's Cake

Today is my sister Heather's birthday!! So, I have volunteered to do her birthday cake. I have volunteered to do everyone in my families cakes that are close! That way I can get lots of practice in before I start charging. I actually just lucked out and my friend just got engaged so i am doing her cake!! I'm really excited but now pretty much all the cakes from now until then are going to have some characteristics of her cake! So I can practice!Eyan's birthday cake might look like a wedding cake!! :) Anyways,
Heather wanted a black and pink cake. ( I wanted just black and white because she is the dreaded 30!!!) :) So, we compromised, because pink and black are cute too, plus, I still got my black! :) So, here are the beginning stages of her cake. It is just a single tier cake. I tried to do the topsy turvy design but it's harder than it looks. So, the cake isn't super even. But, I'm hoping the frosting will make up for it.The second picture is the parts for the bow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fondant Decorations

As I was sitting around just waiting for an excuse to make another cake, I decided to use up the rest of my store bought fondant. This was the first bow and rose that I made out of fondant. I am sure that they wouldn't have turned out so well because the fondant was really easy to work with. I am sure that my rose wouldn't have turned out half as well if i had used homemade fondant! Now I just have to find a cake to use them with! The rose has luster dust added to it for shimmer and shine!

Valentines Day

This was the first time that I worked with homemade fondant... let me tell you... it's WAY more difficult to work with then the store bought. But it tastes SO much better! I finally got the hang of it towards the end. Now, this cake has some issues. (hence why I'm not ready to let anyone pay for a cake yet!) I only have this old little round cake pan right now and it hasn't been cooking my cakes very well. The bottom of the cakes also turned out really lumpy and weird so that's why you can see waves in the fondant. This cake might look a little bit weird too because I wanted to try out a bunch of different ideas. The cake is a fudge ripple. And the frosting is a cream cheese buttercream forsting. I also used Marshmellow Fondant! This cake took about 4 hours to complete! Even though the cake was frumpy most of the elements turned out well.


This was thefirst fondant cake that I made. I Used Wilton's store bought fondant. It was really easy to work with but the taste isn't that great. I thought fondant was a piece of cake, easier than pie! We decided to do a checker board theme on top and the boarder is made up of little balls of fondant. I used Cream cheese buttercream frosting for this cake. It also has a cream cheese filling. This was for my husbands 23rd birthday.

Flower Cake

This cake I had to cut out and design myself. The cake was strawberry and it had buttercream icing. This cake was mostly made up of frosting stars. I loved how bright the colors were! This was for my niece's 9th birthday.

Lightening McQueen

I made this cake for my nephews 3rd birthday. I also did it for my sons 2nd birthday. It's a great design and it turns out so life-like! This was also a boxed cake mix and I used buttercream icing both times.


This cake was done for my sons 3rd birthday. He loves Spiderman and was so excited to have a Spiderman cake! This was when I was just doing cakes for my kids. So, I just used a boxed cake mix and I used buttercream icing.This took about 5 hours.